8 classes of water per day, is it really necessary for good health?

Do you really need 8 glasses of water per day to stay healthy?

Everyone you talk to on a daily basis will suggest 8 glasses of water per day is essential.

We all grew up with the impression that drinking water will keep you healthy. Your skin will become firm and moist, your hair will shine, your eyes will sparkle and you will live longer.

Is this statement true, or not?

Some opinions from experts actually suggest something quite different.

A person needs a certain amount of water per day to survive. This does not necessarily mean that this water should be in a glass. Water is present in almost all the foods that you eat for example fruits and fruit juices, vegetables, soup and non alcoholic beverages.

Did you know this?

  • Bread is about 35% water
  • Meat, poultry and fish contain 50-60% water
  • broccoli is about 90% water
  • a tomato is 95% water
  • an egg is about 74% water
  • a watermelon contains 92% water

How to know if your water intake is enough?

The amount of water you need per day depends on your weight, level of activity and the climate. When living in a warm climate or while doing exercise, you do need the correct amount of water to counter act the fluids lost through perspiring.

You can determine your specific recommended water intake by dividing your weight (in pounds) by 2. The resulting number is the number of ounces of water you need per day.

You can also divide your weight (in kilograms) by 30. The result will be the amount in litres needed per day.

What happens if you do not drink enough water?

Our body is made up of approximately 2/3 water. You can go without food for a long period of time, but by not drinking water, you will surely die within a matter of days.

You need water to regulate your temperature, carry nutrients to your organs and carry waste products out of your body.

When you perspire, you loose fluids (water) through your skin via your pores.

Most people without even knowing it go through the day in a dehydrated state. They will have a headache, feel tired and too little water will cause heat exhaustion. If you do suffer from some of these symptoms, I suggest you drink a mouthful of water every hour.

Warnings however:

  • People with some heart conditions, high blood pressure or swelling of lower legs (edema) need to avoid excess water. It is best to consult your doctor when having this condition or if you have a history of kidney problems or if you had a transplant.
  • Do not drink to much water while eating. The water dilutes your stomach acids and you can get digestion problems.
  • If you consider increasing your water intake, just remember that you will have to get up more often in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. To avoid this from happening, stop drinking water a few hours before bedtime, or go to the toilet before going to bed.

There will always be a dispute whether 8 classes of water is or isn’t necessary. The important thing to remember is that any amount of water per day does have positive health benefits.

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